Wallflowers Designs

I'm Krithika Balaraman, the creator of Wallflowers Designs.. I completed my under graduation in Digital Media Arts from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology and have amassed three years of experience since. My skills include visual design, user interface and experience design, data visualisation and illustration. I use these to create innovative solutions in branding and storytelling. My experience includes ideating marketing campaigns, helping build brand identities, managing social media presence and using my design expertise to create more user friendly products. 


Work Experience


Design Consultant

Guide to UK Universities (Independent Author)

July 2020- Present Day

I was approached by an independent author in the process of publishing a book in the field of education. The author required a cover design that conveyed the contents of the book as well as being visually appealing. The role involved ideating and designing a cover that featured a  unique illustration.

Design Consultant

Swimming Matters India

July 2020-Present Day

Swimming Matters is dedicated to promoting safe swimming practices with India. While they have a strong reach within the swimming community they seek to increase their brand awareness. My responsibilities are to fulfil any visual design requirements, manage the company's social media presence and ideate innovative marketing campaigns.

Design Consultant

Augmented SCM

June 2020- July 2020

The company required a sales pitch to promote their product to prospective clients. My role was to provide input on the content and design the visuals of the sales pitch such that it was comprehensible and appealing. 

Visual Designer

Zen Sciences

June 2020- July 2020

The company required assistance with graphic design. My role involvedideating and designing branding collateral to raise brand awareness for Zen Sciences clients.

UI/UX Design Consultant


Jan 2020- March 2020

My responsibilities included providing User interface and experience expertise as well as creating design solutions to make the product more user friendly.

Full Time

Visual Communication Specialist

Kantar Analytics

(Formerly known as Analytics Quotient

Sep 2017- Jan 2020

My responsibilities were divided between fulfilling client requirements and raising the company's brand awareness. My client work involved creating customised dashboard representing analytics of clients market research. This involved User interface and experience design as well as data visualisation. My branding and marketing work involved ideating and implementing marketing campaigns, designing branding collateral and managing the company's social media presence.


Design Intern

Social Venture Partners

May 2016-June2016

SVP is a social enterprise that helps NGO's scale up by providing corporate expertise. I helped the create an annual report to raise funds for the cause by promoting the organisations work. The work involved visual design and digital illustration.

Design Intern


May 2015 - June 2015

Worxogo works in the fields of AI and gamification. My role included creating a video to explain the features of the product. Additionally, I created graphics to aid presentations regarding the product.

Design Intern


June 2014 - July 2014

Tanishq works in the field of jewellery design. My role included creating unique jewellery design based on current market trends. Additionally, I was required to research competitor products and past market trends.


Daily Dump

May 2012 - June 2012

Daily Dump creates a unique product that helps dispose of wet waste in a safe and responsible manner. My responsibilities included researching and writing content around waste materials, developing a script and final film raising product awareness, developing a script for a film on the potters in Palamnar and calling customers to help understand their issues.


Self Learning

Visual Elements of UI/UX

California Institute of the Arts

A design centric course examining the aspects that go into developing the design of a digital interface.

Anita's Attic; Writing & Creative Mentorship Program

Anita's Attic

A mentorship program focussed on developing a unique writing style and building storytelling abilities.



Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology


Specialisation: Digital Media Arts

GPA: 3.79

Rishi Valley School


Mother's International School


Brand Advisor

The Narrative (Aspiring start up)

June 2020- Present Day

The Narrative is a start up that designs and manufactures responsibly sourced menswear. Prior to their launch they required generation of content for their website that aligned with their brand identity.