Breathe Happiness

Breathe Happiness is a movement to spread happiness and awareness of mental wellness.  

The 'Happiness kit' includes a set of four illustrated post cards. Each one represents one of the four happy hormones; dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin and serotonin. 

How to

Breath Happiness


Step 1

Choose a postcard. It could be the hormone

triggers you relate to most, or just the artwork

you're drawn to.

Step 2

Write down a 'Happy message'. Something that

makes you happy, or cheers you up when you're


Step 3

Pass on the happiness. Hand over your card to

a stranger or a friend. You're giving them a tried

and tested source of happiness,


Breath Happiness

Want to join the mission? Get in touch for your own set of Breathe Happiness postcards! Check out the artwork below.



Dopamine is triggered by learning and discovering new things. It is released when the body is expecting a reward. Dopamine helps fight self-destructive behaviour, improves your memory and makes you HAPPY.



Endorphins are triggered by exercise and excitement. They are natural pain relievers. Endorphins are our bodies reward for eating, drinking and exercising, they maximise pleasure and minimise discomfort



Oxytocin is triggered by love and sex. It plays an important role in the reproductive process. Oxytocin helps form bonds and social connections and makes you HAPPY



Serotonin is triggered by exposure to light. It sends signals between your nerve cells. Serotonin helps stabilise your mood, sleep better and makes you HAPPY


Breath Happiness at Church Street First

Breathe Happiness was launched at Church Street First, India's first clean air initiative. We met with wonderful responses from all the attendees! Here's a glimpse of the lovely crowd.


Breath Happiness

Breathe Happiness is not a profit making enterprise,

our cards are entirely free of cost. Unfortunately, it

costs money to print our cards and set up our stalls.

If you would like to donate to the project please get in

touch with me on the 'Contact' page <3