Data Viz

A quick exercise in data visualisation. I began creating a series of posts featuring visualisation of varied facts I found to be of interest. The purpose of the exercise was to represent this information is a comprehensive and visually appealing manner. I used the opportunity to experiment with illustration and visual design.

Created: March 2020  Skills: Data Visualisation, Illustration, Visual Design

Blue Whales of Earth

The ocean is a host to a plethora of fantastic fauna. Known for their impressive size, the blue whale is

one of the more popular species. The blue whale population has dropped to 3-11% of what it was one hundred years ago. This infographic uses the renowned size of the animal to represent the geographical position of its remaining population.


Whale of a time

This visualisation represents a drastic increase in the population of the Hawaiian Humpback Whale. The larger whale represents the population as of 2015, while the smaller whale represents the whale's population as of 1979.


This would be Kerala

A representation of the sex ratio of the state of Kerala. The government census does not account for genders apart from male and female, so the information cannot be completely accurate. However, if everyone the Indian government recognised as male were trees and everyone they recognised as female were water; this would be Kerala.

Strawberry Bars

'"Storytelling with Data" regularly puts out data visualisation challenges. The brief in this instance was to revisualise information from a table comparing strawberry ice cream produced by two competing brands..