Swimming Matters

Informative Illustration

Swimming Matters is an organisation focussed on increasing participation, nurturing excellence, bringing attention to water safety and encouraging enjoyable, correct and safe engagement with water. The organisation required design expertise to increase their brand awareness, manage their social media and promote campaigns and initiative they took up. 

One such initiative was preparing a set of guidelines for the reopening of swimming pools in the pandemic. As part of the process I created a series of illustrations to support the information within the guideliines.

Created: July 2020-present  Client: Swimming Matters   Skill: Visual Design, Brand Building, Social media Content Creation

Reccomended Cover Page

The anchor image was created for use across several platforms. It was featured on multiple social media forums and on Swimming Matters website, directing visitors to the donation page.


Informative diagrams

Diagrams intended to help understand processes such as CPR, sanitisation, social distancing and recognising symptoms. 


Supporting Illustration

The document is categorised into clear sections. Each illustration represents the content of one section.