Advocacy Campaigns

Swimming Matters

Swimming Matters champions a number of causes related to the aquatic industry. They required collateral to advertise each of these causes, and by extension their work. 

Created: November 2020  Skill: Digital Illustration, . Graphic Design

More Women in Swimming

Encouraging women and girls to engage with water by breaking taboos and spreading awareness about menstrual hygiene

Safer You Safer Me

Promoting aquatic safety

Swimming in Schools

Promoting aquatic education as part of a mainstream educational curriculum. 

Swimming for All

Encouraging inclusivity in swimming.

Summer Swims

Encouraging safe and fun swim camps.

Swimming is a Life Skill

Spreading awareness on the importance of swimming for fitness, mental health, drowning prevention and recreation. 

Swim Teacher

Increasing awareness on the importance of teaching swimming as a profession, and helping swim teachers earn the respect they deserve.

Olympic Participation

Encouraging participation in swimming to increase the prestige of Indian swimmers internationally.

Save our Water

Encouraging water conservation by promoting open water swimming.

Drowning Prevention

Encouraging swimming as a form of drowning prevention.

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