Swimming Matters


An important aspect of social media is posting at prime times and about trending topics. Creating celebratory posts for festivities is an easy way to capitalise on this. As a brand that relates to swimming, while creating content it was important to celebrate festive occasions in the context of swimming. 

Created: August 2020  Client: Swimming Matters   Skill: Visual Design, Brand Building, Social media Content Creation

Teacher's Day

In honour of Teacher's Day, Swimming Matters hosted a webinar on mental health during the lockdown, specifically for swim teachers who had lost their livelihood as a result of the pandemic. The following creatives were designed for the company's social media, in order to increase engagement and publicise the event.

Alternative Creatives

Independence Day

A reflection on what independence means in the context of swimming, incorporating the Indian flag.

Friendship Day

This creative was designed to increase traction on the company's social media. It was also used as an e-card within members of the swim community. 

National Sports Day

Swimming Matters took advantage of National Sports Day to promote their campaign 'Say Yes to Swimming'.The campaign encourages aquatic activity for fitness, mental health, drowning prevention and recreation.

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