Swimming Matters


Let Pool In is a collaborative initiative by Play for India, Swimming matters and Rashtriya Life Saving Society. During the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, many members of the aquatic industry such as life guards and maintenance workers, lost their source of income, Lets Pool In aimed to raise Rs. 10,00,000 to bestow a grant of Rs, 10,000 on 100 families. 

My role in the project was to help promote the initiative on social media to spread awareness and raise funds. This involved designing multiple creatives, helping organise social media auctions to raise funds, and monitoring social media platforms for activity. 

Created: July 2020-present  Client: Swimming Matters   Skill: Visual Design, Brand Building, Social media Content Creation

Anchor Image

The anchor image was created for use across several platforms. It was featured on multiple social media forums and on Swimming Matters website, directing visitors to the donation page.

Anchoor image-07.jpg

Raising awareness on the cause

One of the challenges the campaign faced was donation fatigue. unfortunately, the pandemic affected several industries. There were a lot of causes and campaigns floating around on social media. It was important to distinguish the importance of Let's Pool In. 

Why the pandemic-02.jpg

Keeping the cause alive

Social media operates on the principle of out-of-sight, out-of-mind. It was important to keep the cause on people's minds and feeds even after the initial flood of announcements died down.

To create more positive messaging, we pushed out creatives marking how far we had come. The idea was to encourage further donations by demonstrating progress.


The 60% creative had a more subdued tone. While celebrating how far we had come, we wanted to emphasise that we still had a long way to go. The 80% creative was intended to communicate a more celebratory tone.

Halfway mark_705-08.jpg
Halfway mark_2-11.jpg
Halfway mark-04.jpg

Thanking donors

To mark the completion of the campaign it was important to express gratitude for all those who helped the cause.

The creative below is a personal card emailed to each donor.

Thank you creative-03.jpg

In addition to personal messaging, I designed posters to be put up on various platforms, marking the end of the campaign on a bright note.